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Featuring a natural grass field and seating for 75,000 guests, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, opened to the public for the 2014 football season.

Home to the San Francisco 49ers, this venue — hosted Super Bowl 50 in February 2016. The BevStream Corp. team is extremely proud to have contributed to this environmentally sustainable stadium.

Designed by HNTB Architects and raised by the Turner Construction team, Levi’s was the first stadium to achieve LEED certification. The venue features a 27,000 square foot green roof, solar panels, and LED lighting, and it’s currently one of the U.S. Green Building Counsel’s largest registered projects.

BevStream was awarded a contract to design and install a complete Beverage System throughout the stadium. This system had to meet a unique set of building codes and safety standards. In addition to complying with specific environmental guidelines, we also had to consider seismic safety regulations, which require comprehensive analysis and rigorous attention to detail. In earthquake-prone areas like the West Coast, the consequences of poorly designed infrastructure could be disastrous, so the entire facility’s systems needed to be capable of accommodating expansion and sway.

Carefully excavating ground-level systems, ensuring that all soil was excavated and stored following strict protocol and then reused for backfill, we were able to create highly efficient, reliable Beverage Piping and Bulk CO2 Systems that ensured optimal safety.

Our design, engineering, furnishing, and installation of over 10,000 feet of Beverage Piping and 9,000 feet of Bulk CO2 Piping met and exceeded the host of specifications required for the 49ers’ stadium: government safety codes, materials of construction, food industry compliance, West Coast seismic requirements, and environmental sustainability guidelines.

Additionally, Bevstream’s team was contracted to install all of the Beer Systems throughout the building.

To learn more about BevStream’s specialty projects or discuss how our custom beverage and CO2 system solutions can meet your application needs, contact us today.


SF 49ers Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara




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