When undergoing facility renovations and updates, many entertainment venues and institutions opt to introduce centralized beverage systems to ensure process reliability and longevity. BevStream Corp.’s turnkey installation and engineering services allow us to quickly and efficiently meet diverse industry needs.

We work with a wide range of clients, including hospitals and children’s hospitals, airports, corporate and university campuses, convention centers and food courts. Whether installing Bulk CO2 Equipment or building Beverage Piping Systems, our team crafts high quality custom solutions to meet your unique project requirements.

We can easily meet specific construction and environmental guidelines and ensure that materials of construction are specified for food industry compliance. BevStream systems can also be made to comply with various government safety codes.

When working with the University of Notre Dame, our team successfully integrated the school’s campus-wide green standards into the beverage system installation and building process. To read more about this project, see below. To learn more about how BevStream can help you with your next project, contact us today!

Project Highlights

We recently completed a Centralized Beer and Soda Piping System for Notre Dame’s three new multi-level buildings, which border the campus stadium. This is the largest project campaign ever undertaken for a Catholic university without a medical school. BevStream is proud to be a part of Notre Dame’s growth as it increases endowments, expands its student body, and begins many campus construction projects.