As a trusted single-source partner for casinos, hotels, and resorts across the United States, Canada and the Islands, BevStream Corp.’s skilled engineering team designs, specifies, installs, furnishes, and manufactures Beverage Piping and Bulk CO2 Systems for a wide range of clients.

We’re committed to using only the best, highest-quality materials, components and installation techniques to ensure longevity and strength.

Many projects require us to coordinate shipping to multiple destinations, some of which may be hard to reach. For some providers, this may present a serious obstacle, but our team has the expertise and experience needed to successfully manage the process, get in contact with the proper authorities, and efficiently procure all necessary logistics, mobilization and construction equipment.

Project Highlights

This project included Bulk CO2, expansive CO2 Piping Systems and Beverage (beer, soda, and liquor) Piping Systems for four hotels, a casino, a convention center, and a golf course. BevStream was able to quickly and efficiently get materials to the job site and procure all necessary tools, lifts, and equipment that were not available on the island.

For this 16-million-square-foot project, BevStream did a complete design and install of beer, soda, and liquor piping systems. We also designed and engineered a Bulk CO2 System at their main complex, the Aria Facility.

A longstanding customer of BevStream, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino properties work with us on various installation projects, including the design, furnish, and install of beer, soda, and liquor piping systems at several large casino locations in Southern Florida as well as many other locations.